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As a beginning, I consider of great importance to contextualize women international conferences, in the frame of feminist movement. This way, we will be able to analyze how international conferences have influenced women reality.

We can also affirm that,with these conferences, institutional feminism starts to be structured and built.

When we talk about institutional feminism, we use to locate it in the frame of contemporary feminism and referring to it as one of the last feminist tendencies, such as ecofeminism, ciberfeminism and difference [1] feminism.

Without the aim to start any discussion about it, I would love to underline the most positive aspect of institutional feminism development.

Thanks to institutional feminism, women demands turn into state issues and turn to be included in government political agendas. Also, with all the work done by power structures emerged from institutional feminism development women participation increase in every aspect of social life, but especially at political representation scenery.

We may affirm that feminist postulates legal improvements have been done during last years, from these institutional positions and their cooperation (when it is done), with corporation feminist net, as well as with the empowerment of feminist women working at high responsibilities jobs.

However, I would also like to underline in this introduction that maybe in these very last years a big gap between legal structures and real social improvements may be generated, mainly because of institutional feminism development.

This paradoxical situation may cause some unease or rift between women and power structures, as women are the ones who suffer the most this break.

This process has been revealed towards successive women international conferences where it has reinforce its goals and action lines.

However, as we will be able to see as far as we continue with the lesson, worldwide improvements on women situation have increased at the same time as discussions and agreements on the matter at these international conferences. It is important to underline the fact that women issues, which are the same for every women no matter where they live, have crossed private contexts, as well as domestic and public ambits; women issues are the centre of social discussion and in many cases, they have occupied government political agendas first lines.

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[1] Training Guide for women political and social transformation.. L. Martínez Ten y R. Escapa. Texto revised with the cooperation of A. Valcárcel

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